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​Ruby R.
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This place is great! I loved it! I had my treatment done and now my acne scars are fading away and my face feels wonderful again. I really recommend this place. The whole staff there is very friendly, and Jim is an amazing person. Don't wait 2 rejuvenate now!
​Jeanette N.
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Jim is the best at what he does. It is clear that it is more than just a job, it's a passion. The best part of it all is the competitive prices, I would even say he has the best around.
​Janine A.
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This was the best thing I've done for myself ever! Jim, the technician, is incredible! He put me at ease and explained the PRP treatment and 2 hours later I left looking 10 years younger! So worth it and then some. It's easy, fast and so safe! I totally recommend Jim and his team!
Mishel T.
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Did A PRP treatment with the owner &technician Jim. I absolutely love the results of the treatment, my skin is so smooth fine lines are gone and skin is glowing. Was painless and quick. He's the best in the business. Thank you for keeping me looking fabulous
Annine U.
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So when it comes to medical spas it's normal to pay a large amount of money for a service that sometimes you feel could have been done better. This technician Jim went 30 min over my appointment time and added 3 extra treatments on my service for the price of 1. I got PRP microneedling, Ulterapy and Laser lipo for a unheard of price. I'm a esthetician so I know what machines are good and if services are done right. I highly recommend this place for skin tightening, weightloss and anti aging!
Najah P.
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Jim is so amazing I had a fat freezing session done on my abdomen for my lower ab I am a fitness trainer but after I had my c-section with my son my lower abdomen had a small pooch and no matter how much I exercised it stayed finally seeing my abs !!! I only had one session done and saw visible results in 2 months so I decided to buy more ! Jim is very caring and understands this procedure so well only he can get you results ! So come on in and get results treat yourselves to an early Christmas gift get that stubborn fat off your body !
Angelina V.
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I have been dealing with rosacea for many years and stubborn acne. I found this place about a year ago and Dr Anh Le and Dr Le as well as Jim have been great help! Dr Anh Le is the sweetest, caring, and most professional at what she does. I finally was able get my mole removed and micro needling. She made my experience wonderful and i'm exited because I already am showing positive feedback with less acne around my chin area and my skin seems smoother and less clogged. I recommend this place don't wait too long to feel at your best! Thank you.

I came here for an absculpt treatment I bought online. Jim, the owner greeted me right away and was very welcoming. He got me set up on my treatment and I felt the effects right away, it felt like I was doing crunches! The entire office staff was very professional and friendly. Also practicing COVID protocols. I saw results from my absculpt treatment that night and will be back for more

Holli G.

Still coming back for more treatments for better results! I love Jim and Quinn so helpful and careful! Now I'm getting cool sculpting to help my body look more toned with the help of gym exercise. Can't wait to see results within 3 months!

Janelle M.