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Micro Needling At Don't Wait 2 Rejuvenate

Here at Don’t Wait 2 Rejuvenate we specialize in micro needling. Micro needling requires a licensed professional with a careful, steady hand, and a high-grade micro pen. The micro pen is drawn across the skin, over all the fine lines, scars and other imperfections on the face, décolleté, and hands, to create tiny injuries on the top layer. The old layers of skin fall off, and the new skin immediately begins to repair itself by creating new collagen and elastin. micro needling is used in conjunction with PRP and hyaluronic acid, which is poured over the open layers to speed up rejuvenation.

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Annine U.
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So when it comes to medical spas it's normal to pay a large amount of money for a service that sometimes you feel could have been done better. This technician Jim went 30 min over my appointment time and added 3 extra treatments on my service for the price of 1. I got PRP microneedling, Ulterapy and Laser lipo for a unheard of price. I'm a esthetician so I know what machines are good and if services are done right. I highly recommend this place for skin tightening, weight loss and anti aging!
Angelina V.
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I have been dealing with rosacea for many years and stubborn acne. I found this place about a year ago and Dr Anh Le and Dr Le as well as Jim have been great help! Dr Anh Le is the sweetest, caring, and most professional at what she does. I finally was able get my mole removed and micro needling. She made my experience wonderful and I'm exited because I already am showing positive feedback with less acne around my chin area and my skin seems smoother and less clogged. I recommend this place don't wait too long to feel at your best! Thank you.
C O.
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I only entrust the care of my skin to highly professional individuals and I'm superbly satisfied with the services I received at the spa! Jim Hooper and his team provided me with an individualized approach to meet my skin needs! I absolutely loved the results of the micro-needling with PRP procedure and the butterfly face-lift as I definitely look and feel rejuvenated!
Bobbi Hamilton
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Being an athletic model and a purist, I feel the PRP micro needling facial is the best thing I've done for my skin. I'm all for regeneration of the skin! Jim and staff are super fun and nice. Make sure to ask for what you really need and want! They will work with you. It's rather quick, no downtown, and the results are AMAZING, plus your skin continues to look better in the following months.